Part 2 of 10 Things To Do In Paris
Written by Daniel Christian   
Monday, 09 August 2010 13:50


Centre Georges PompidouThis is Part 2 of my 10 "things to do in Paris" article. If these amazing monuments don't make you jump online to book your Paris cheap hotel, I don't know what will. :)

6. The Centre Georges Pompidou opened in 1977 to very positive reviews, and still has the ability to amaze people with its heart on its sleeve (or as in the Pompidou Centre's case, with its vibrantly colored conduits and duct work on the exterior of the building). The Centre Georges Pompidou is home to France's National Museum of Modern Art, which has a collection of some 40,000 works (about 800 are on show at any one time), in addition to performance spaces for music, dance, and theater.



7. The Louvre used to be the largest palace in the world, but these days it is, the finest art museum in the world. Home to "Winged Victory," "Venus de Milo," and the most known and famous lady in the art world, "Mona Lisa," the Louvre owns some 400,000 works of art, and displays a remarkable 35,000 of its pieces. Separated into seven departments, the artistic treasures vary from Egyptian antiquities to paintings and drawings to sculpture. Even this staid museum is not devoid of its controversy, and if you like IM Pei's glass pyramid or not addition amid this ancient former palace, a trip to the Louvre is no small thing!

8. The Notre Dame Cathedral is a symphony of stone as Victor Hugo described it and there are few descriptions more apt. With the Cathedral's flying buttresses and its unearthly gargoyles, it's a wonder of design and structure. Visitors should be sure and climb the 300-plus stairs to the top of the South Tower for breathtaking sights of the city and close-ups of the gargoyles.

9. Where one may call the Louvre a classic waltz, the Musee d'Orsay would be a can-can. Light and vibrant, this former railway station now holds one of the top collections of popular artwork ever gathered. With artwork from 1848-1914, this puts the collection firmly at the center of Impressionism, Pointillism, Symbolism, Fauvism, and the Late Romanticism. There is also a magnificent collection of Art Deco furniture and objets d'art. Don't miss the museum cafe, behind the large railway station clock face.

10. The River Seine upon which the city was raised, and its banks are studded with the Paris' architectural masterpieces, from the Place de la Concorde through to the Petit Palais. Tourists need to only stay on its pathways or float along in one of the iconic bateaux mouches (which are the Parisian version of the Venetian gondola) to experience the magic and history of the city. These glass-enclosed boats make a perfect introduction to Paris' charms as they pass slowly and gradually along the Seine and below its picturesque bridges.

This doesn't begin to give you everything in Paris, but these are certainly some of the can't misses you will have to make sure you see!



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