Taking Your Little Ones To Paris
Written by Daniel Christian   
Wednesday, 25 August 2010 02:06

Paris Cheap Hotel - Stay off the grassGoing to Paris, or any vacation city for that matter, with young ones can be a little tricky.

A little while ago, we took a last minute vacation to Paris with our young daughter. Although she's done a lot of traveling, we didn't know the best way to mix in kids with culture on a trip to the City of Lights.

We found specials on both a great airline special so we knew it was a good time to go so searched the Internet to find Paris Cheap hotels. Most didn't have online reservations, but we found a great site with a collection of them. It happens to be this one so I offered to write a review.

Since meals for our daughter are important, we found a great little place with a mini kitchen.

The mini kitchen let us keep breakfast and snacks and saved us a lot of money on meals since we decided to prepare our own lunches and a few dinners. When in Paris the great restaurants nearby are just to tempting to miss.

Despite having been to Paris before, bringing your kids will show you a side you have never seen before. The French, and maybe Parisians in particular, dote on children. Everyone is extremely welcoming towards young visitors of any nationality. They really seem to go the extra mile for kids whether it be in restaurants or shops. It was refreshing.

We already kind of figured in advance that we'd have to limit the time spent in art museums, which really aren't stimulating enough for a five-year old, so it was a great choice buying the Carte Musee at the Metro station. They are passes which are a great idea for several reasons: (1) You go to the head of the line or use a separate entrance in most of the museums and there are more than 70 museums and monuments which are included included. When you show up and look at some of the lines there, you'll see what a huge time-saver this can be. (2) you can buy them for one, three or five days. Saves money.(3) Once you get the pass, chances are you'll also visit marginal attractions (some of which are actually real finds). Also, you aren't going to feel bad if your kids start complaining at the Louvre and you have to go after only a few hours.

It's funny the things that your child will actually remember. The funniest things from the hole in the ground toilets to the fact that the grass is always strictly forbidden to be walked on.

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Along with being the capital of the country of France, Paris is the biggest and most popular city in France. It is full of monuments, historic centers and museums and is widely considered to be the most popular city in the whole world. Because of these things, Paris'authorities are faced with the task of catering to a non-stop influx of tourists coming to see the world class attractions.

Paris has a really wide variety of hotels that its guests may choose from. These hotels vary by star rating and can offer two, three and even four bedroom accommodations, studios or suites. Dependent upon the size and star rating of a particular hotel and weather it is a luxury class or perhaps a boutique cheap hotel in Paris, the rates will vary.


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