The Weather In Paris
Written by Andrei Delios   
Saturday, 09 July 2011 14:22

The capital of France is Paris and it covers 460 square miles of land area. It is situated on the banks of Seine located at the center of the Ile – de –France which is home to 10 million people. The Ile – de – France is an area of France being hit by rainfall the least. However, there may be unexpected rain in Paris at any month of the year.

The climate of Paris is being affected by the North Atlantic drift. This results to a marine west coast line. Throughout the year the city is enjoying a temperate climate for the year. It has no extremely low or high temperatures. It is generally warm in Paris during summer. It can reach 24 °C (75 °F) during summer and in winter it cools down to 1 °C (34 °F). The highest temperature to be ever recorded in Paris was 40.4 °C (104.7 °F) and the lowest ever is -23.9 °C (-11.0 °F).

During spring, Paris is really wonderful to visit even though it can turn wet at times. Paris is really enhanced because of the shady trees and magnificent avenues. During day time the highest average temperature is from May to September. It reaches 25 °C (76 °F). It can be quite cold during winter specifically from December to February. It can fall to a temperature of 3 °C (37 °F). Cold winds also accompany the winter season.

At any time of the year, rainfall can happen. There is an average precipitation of 641.6mm yearly. The months of October, September and November get the least rainfall, while from April to July they receive the highest.

It is really pleasant to visit Paris because it rarely gets any snowfall. Moreover, the coldest months may sometimes get snowfall that lasts one day.


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More Information About Visiting Paris

Along with being the capital of the country of France, Paris is the biggest and most popular city in France. It is full of monuments, historic centers and museums and is widely considered to be the most popular city in the whole world. Because of these things, Paris'authorities are faced with the task of catering to a non-stop influx of tourists coming to see the world class attractions.

Paris has a really wide variety of hotels that its guests may choose from. These hotels vary by star rating and can offer two, three and even four bedroom accommodations, studios or suites. Dependent upon the size and star rating of a particular hotel and weather it is a luxury class or perhaps a boutique cheap hotel in Paris, the rates will vary.


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